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Through her sculptures and monuments, Osprey Orielle Lake strives to create timeless works that blend both contemporary and ancient symbols into meaningful statements about the challenges and gifts of life.

Ms. Lake brings a rich background in cross cultural studies to her sculptures and public presentations, exhibits and lecturing in the United States, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia.  Her multimedia events are designed to educate and to open up significant dialogues about issues that concern so many people in our time, namely, cultural diversity and the environment. Her events also offer people the opportunity to experience art and cultural stories as a way to communicate important ideas and visions for a positive future.  Conveying new ideas through images and narratives is a universal language and Ms. Lake is a true contributor to this tradition.

In an era of globalization, attention to differing cultures is essential. To embrace the many wonders of the earth and extraordinary differences in how people live, we need to acknowledge the importance of cultural diversity. One way to do this is by respecting and protecting the uniqueness, history, language, worldviews, myths, the flora and fauna of each people and land. Ms. Lake is dedicated to creating bridges between cultures by honoring the living earth that we all share.

As one of the world's few female allegorical monument makers, her international monument projects and presentations reflect how the honoring of cultural differences, integrated with appreciation for nature, creates a sense of belonging and connection, both locally and globally. All of her works include stories of land-based societies and ways to integrate this longstanding knowledge into a modern context with technology, urban life and international strife.  

Speaking at Mikhail Gorbachev's State of the World Forum, a gathering of 700 leaders from 120 countries Ms. Lake said, "Art, because of its creative and visionary nature, needs to be a part of the dialogue as we develop models for a sustainable and compassionate global civilization. Narrative art is of great importance in guiding and influencing the direction of humanity. We need to renew our dreams about what calls us to our common humanity. Transforming and creating new cultural stories and images provides an opportunity to create a balanced view of what the future can hold."

During her college years she studied both Ancient History and Biology at Reed College and received her degree in Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Through her extensive travels Ms. Lake has continued studying ancient and modern societies worldwide.

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