Osprey Orielle Lake would like to thank all those generous individuals, organizations and companies who gave their time, love and support so that the global vision of the Cheemah Project can steadily grow and touch people around the world, especially:

Sales Representative, Mr. Valentin Burgmann, international art expert and owner of the "Time for Art Galleries" in Hamburg, Germany.

Circles Art, Inc. is the North America Coordinator for the International Cheemah Monument Project.
Circles Art, Inc. is a non-profit educational and charitable art service organization, located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, U.S.A. (

The Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, California has supported the Cheemah Project with enormous professionality and skill.

During the Spring of 2004, we traveled to Australia on behalf of the Cheemah Monument and the Mari Monument Projects. We want to thank the following accommodation sponsors for helping to make our trip memorable through their gracious hospitality:

Intercontinental Burswood Resort in Perth, Western Australia

Intercontinental Sydney, New South Wales

Hotel Grand Chancellor - Brisbane, Queensland

We would like to express our special gratitude to James Allen, General Manager and Carolyn Godbold, Personal Assistant to Mr. Allen, Intercontinental Burswood Resort


Campbell W. Black, Regional Vice President Operations - Western USA and General Manager, Intercontinental Mark Hopkins, San Francisco

We also want to thank the Port of Oakland Commissioners and the staff at
Jack London Square in Oakland, California.

Hamburg Airport
"We are very pleased that Hamburg has been chosen as the location for the second Cheemah Monument, we are aware of the fact that we were competing with airports like London, Rome or Paris."
Werner Hauschild, CEO of the International Hamburg Airport.

Hamburg Airport is number four amongst Germany's airports, number 22 in Europe and number 88 worldwide. On environmental issues the Hamburg Airport is on top of the world wide airport ranking list. Over 140 destinations are served, in the year 2000 the Hamburg Airport had 10 million passengers, in the year 2010 the Airport expects 13 to 14 million passengers.

Lufthansa Cargo
"The esprit which is behind the Cheemah Project reflects the corporate philosophy of
Lufthansa Cargo. As a globally operating company, the requirements of our customers have priority for us. But for us innovation also means promoting understanding of other ways of life and removing cultural barriers"
Wolfgang Stadie, Manager of Lufthansa Cargo

We thank The Waterfront Plaza Hotel Oakland for their wonderful hospitality and professional support.

We also would like to thank:
Ann Watson, Sausalito, California
Midtown Pharmacy, Oakland, California
Agilent Technologies
Lisa Poulsen, Sausalito, California
Denise Packer and Jarrod Angeja
The Rotary Clubs of North and East Bay,
San Francisco, California
DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (Airbus)
Zone Music, Cotati, CA
and the Rincon Center, San Francisco
for their kind support.

the arrival in Hamburg

The arrival of the Monument
in Hamburg, Germany

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