Wyolah Garden

Wyolah Garden was born in Washington, D.C.  Her mother was the East Coast Director of the International Rescue Committee. Wyolah's childhood home was opened to refugee families from all over the world...a splendid and memorable sea of humanity.  Wyolah spent her childhood and young adulthood attending events in the many Embassies of Washington, D.C., gaining a lifelong respect for cultural diversity.
Wyolah completed her education at USC and Cal State Northridge in California, graduating cum laude in English, and did Post Graduate work in Political Science and Accounting.  Ms. Garden developed her own style of business consulting, called Policy and Procedure Management, and has consulted for businesses in numerous fields of endeavor.  Since 1986 Wyolah has been the Board Chair and Executive Director of Circles Art, Inc., a non-profit public benefit corporation, which provides resources for artists.  For the last fourteen years, she has also been a General Partner in a tax accounting firm in Northern California.

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